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The images we have chosen for our site demonstrate our connection with New Zealand. They are of course, beautiful objects in their own right, but they also say something important about the service we provide

The Maori concept of taonga (treasure) embraces all things, tangible or intangible: the history of a place, the right to gather food there, the land itself, the birds, plants and children that live there, a whare (house) and objects within it that have been passed down through generations.

A few of those objects might be valued above all for their material (e.g. pounamu) or for their beauty but most have become taonga through the stories that are attached to them; references to a whakapapa (genealogy) that is affirmed by them, memories of tipuna (grandparents) who treasured them and told us why.

Like the treasure we show on our site we hope we can help you preserve your 'treasure' so that it too can be passed down through the generations.

All of the items shown on our site are unique. Each is lovingly handmade in New Zealand by a skilled Kiwi artisan working within a living tradition. For more information or to purchase these items visit kiwi2go