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Value Add


I can add value in the following areas:

For Asset Managers / Financial Service Providers

  • I can provide general strategic assistance and review – covering marketing / distribution / structuring and administration.
  • I can provide advice and introductions for asset managers interested in structuring their funds to comply with ČNB / AIFMD rules This applies to managers wanting to offer Qualified Investor funds through to retail funds. It includes evaluation of a range of alternatives relative to cost and deliverability including CZ SICAV and other CZ-based structures, AIF structures in other jurisdictions (especially Luxembourg and Ireland) and UCITS.
  • For managers interested in retail distribution of products within CZ or internationally, I can assist with retail product design and,
  • For managers, I can advise on outsourcing back office support or developing an in-house capability.
  • For smaller private equity and hedge funds, I can in some cases make introductions to fund distributors and 'fund of fund' managers – (although this is typically only worthwhile if the manager has >3 years successful track record).
  • For CZ Managers I can act as a representative in promoting and presenting their products in English-speaking markets
  • For Managers with access to their own distribution networks (ie banks and insurance companies) I can offer very considerable assistance based on my experience leveraging those networks to maximise sales of what can otherwise be seen by branch networks and insurance agents as 'non-core' products (in the case of CZ this applies to fund, financial advisory and even mortgage products).
  • I can help banks establish mid-tier financial advisory services (below Private Banking – aimed mainly as a distribution channel for in house fund and investment products)
  • Developing and delivering training in relation to non-core products (funds/financial advisory/ etc.)

Corporate Restructuring – Inter-generational wealth transfer

  • Especially in relation to family owned businesses and/or partnerships where the owners are interested in preserving their wealth and the business intact though a generational transfer (this overlaps a little with my Svěřenské fondy a trusty business).

Employee Benefit Structures

  • Review of tax effectiveness and consistency with international best practice. In many cases I am able to reduce the cost of existing structures and/or enhance the benefit package available for minimal additional cost (this can also sometimes overlap with SFT)

Networking / Introductions

  • I am well connected within the Australian and New Zealand business community in the Czech Republic. I also closely involved on the forthcoming launch of ABIE (Australian Business in Europe). For companies interested in developing links with those markets I can be a useful source of introductions etc.
  • I can also provide concierge and introductory services for companies considering establishing in CZ.